Booty Land Hype!

A better theme park, built for booty lovers, by booty lovers!

(Rated M for Mature by ESRB: Strong Language, Violence, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity.)




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Ryobi and Yomi

We're one badass bitch and one humble young lady who thought we had nothing in common — until we found our mission to spread the call of booty.

Ryobi and Yomi
Booty Land

Are you like us? Does your smooth, bulbous butt not get the love it deserves? Are you sick of all those overinflated airheads waving their big, floaty balloons in everybody’s face while your butt goes completely ignored?

Well, you’re in luck. There’s a bright future ahead for all derriere devotees.

Booty Land will be the first amusement park dedicated entirely to the celebration and appreciation of all things butt-ly. Check out these early concept sketches Yomi and I put together:

Bumper Booties!
Mega Butts!
Pocket Butts!
Mini Butts!
Bumper Booties!
The Back of the Booty!
The Back of the Booty!
Uniform! Map (in progress!!)

All we need is about $100,000,000 to buy some land, hire some people, build a few rides, make a few commercials and bring in that sweet, sweet caboose cash. How hard could it be, right?

who are we?

I was lost once. Everywhere I went, I’d see all these other girls walking around with these five-gallon jugs, and all I’ve got are these two little thimbles. But then I realized that’s not what’s important. It’s what’s underneath, as in “underneath your waistline.”

See, I’ve got the best backside this side of a hip hop convention, and when I realized Yomi was a very close second, I roped her into helping me out here. Together, we two hometown favorites are out to prove that when you get right down to it, you can’t outclass the ass.

stretch goals

We want to see Booty Land grow to be bigger and more curvy. We’re still working out the details, but we want to draw up a whole map of the place, add some restaurants (including Booty Burger, complete with Curvy Fries and Shimmy Shakes — and bean sprouts, because Yomi), and record the official Booty Land theme song with the Booty Land Booty Band. We’re still putting the band together, but we’ve got the hook for the song written out so far. “Booty-booty-booty, ain’t that nice! Booty-booty-booty, great with rice!” Work in progress. Stay tuned.

risks & challenges

Well, neither of us have any real experience running a theme park, or buying land, or building things, or maintaining potentially dangerous equipment, or managing a staff. In fact, we’re both still in school. (Well, I am. Yomi's kind of a dropout. Not her fault. Her school burned down. Which was also not her fault, exactly.) It’s a trade school, sort of, and not the kind that really focuses on business or craftsmanship, really more about stealth and honor and victory at any cost.

But I’m really good with a rifle, in case there are any unruly crowds, and Yomi can sew, so we’ve got the uniforms all taken care of. Everything else, we can learn on the job, especially once we hit our target funding goal. Seriously, once we hit that, we’re never going to have to work again. Except on the park. Which is totally a real thing that we’re seriously going to…

Okay, if you really want to get technical about it, this isn’t a real crowdfunding site. We’re just, you know, putting the idea out there and seeing if anyone wants to pay us for it. For the idea, I mean. And for the privilege of doing the grunt work. But hey, if you want to throw money at us, we’re not going to stop you, and Yomi somehow managed to pull together some actual rewards for it.

So go! Give us money! Reap the rewards! And witness the dawn of the Age of Booty!


Pledge $39.99 + Tax

You get an entire digital game about our adventures (and some other girls’ adventures too), for this one portable handheld thing I don’t know the name of. See how the Age of Booty came to dawn!

Pledge $49.99 + Tax

You get that same digital game, but on a HOME console I don’t know the name of. Or you can get an actual physical version of that same game for that portable handheld thing. Oh, and the physical version comes with cards and a book and music and shit.

Pledge $59.99 + Tax

You get a physical version of that home console game, with all the same extra shit as the physical handheld version.